About FCP

Founded in 2019, Fae Corps Publishing is the brainchild of long time friends Patricia Harris and Cyndi Snow-Pilcher. The duo concieved the idea to help authors like themselves attain their dream of publishing a book. The Fae Corps Inc Blog’s open submission system and dedication to providing a safe, inclusive space for all creatives has grown beyond all hopes into a publishing house with a half dozen books and more than 20 authors contributing to their catalogue of works. With more on the way.

Cyndi Snow-Pilcher

Founder/Editor- Submissions

Editor, Creative, Navy Veteran; Cyndi is a writer of fantastical adventures, unconventional romances, and malicious murders. She weaves stories that intrigue and send her readers into worlds that they can disappear in and forget their worries. She is married to an amazing writer and dungeon master named Greywolfe. They have two children (one of whom we swear is a changeling and the other is a goblin), three beautiful grand fae children, one cantankerous old orange tabby, and a crazy jack russell pupper.

Patrica Harris


Patricia Harris is a dreamer, crafter,gamer and digital artist who loves creativity in life. A half mad poet, her writing is found all over social media and
various websites; including coffee
house writers. She is a devoted mother and artist who spends her time crafting when she isn’t penning poetry and writing

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