Book Review: Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie

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I love a good zombie story. I also enjoy short, easy reads. This title is the perfect combination of those two things.

The story is told from the perspective of multiple characters in the form of journal entries. The characters are all family members that own and operate a junkyard in West Virginia. They all have unique and useful backgrounds, making them a perfect team to survive and find answers for why everything went wrong. The story takes you from the junkyard in West Virginia, to Fort Belvoir outside of Washington D.C., to a third destination that I won’t name to avoid spoiler territory.

While you get a sense of the rural, small town mentality, there is a level of eloquence from the characters that wouldn’t seem typical from that area, and the local dialect is missing from the dialogue.

The story tends to focus on the humanity aspect during…

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Patricia Harris- Patricia Harris is a dreamer, crafter, gamer and digital artist who loves creativity in life. A half mad poet, her writing is found all over social media and various other websites, including coffee house writers. She is a devoted mom who can be found doing a variety of art when she isn’t penning poetry and writing words. She is half of the indie publishing company Fae Corps publishing. Her collection of writings include a memoir, children's books, and poetry. For more from Patricia, check out or And for a reading list of her books go to And as Serena Mossgraves - Serena Mossgraves is a twisted faery with a love of gothic settings and an urge to scare. She’s constantly on the prowl for new ways to twist old stories into dark tales that excite and terrify. If you’re also drawn to nightmares, come visit Serena on Facebook at Or check out her reading list at

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